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May 30, 2015

Tennessee Striper Fishing with Sep's Pro Dodgers !

In my 30 years as a charter captain I've used a lot of products. At the end of the day the good ones increase fish counts minimally, simply put Seps Pro Fishing dodgers can be a game changer!

Capt. Rod Salyers
Lateral Line Charters

The 9th Annual 2013 “Fish for a Wish” Trout and Bass Tournament, held at Big Cove Marina Aug. 3rd was another huge success. With over 100 entries, the field was filled with quality boats, crewed by by able and willing fishermen. This 6 hour, 3 heaviest fish limit, was a close one. Many boats came back in with some serious weights for just 3 fish. Again reminding everyone what a great fishing lake Lake Almanor really is. Sep's Pro Fishing's Pro Staffer Doug Neal, and Field Staffer Rod Overstreet, again winning in the Trout and Salmon categories. Their winning catch weighted in at a solid 9 lb. 15 ounces, and was enough for them to claim their second title in as many years. Trolling Sep's “Strike Master” dodgers with 1/2 crawlers rigged down at 30 ft. hooked 2 of their biggest fish.
“We have been running Strike Masters since they came out” said Neal “ and adding  Pro-Cures Trophy Trout scents to our baits, our fish are just a little bigger, and more of them”.

For the second straight year they nearly swept the entire field. Who are these guys? In the last few tournaments they have been the team to beat. They placed like this.


Fish for a Wish 2013 Tournament.
1 st. Place by winning the Tournament.
1 st. Place for biggest Trout, a 4.7  Brown.
2nd. Place for biggest Salmon.

Fish for a Wish 2012
1 st. Place by winning the Tournament.
1 st. Place for Biggest Salmon , 3.3 lb..
2nd. place for Biggest Trout, a 4.4 lb. Rainbow..

2012 Kokanee Power Almanor Tournament.
2nd.  Place for Tournament.
2nd.  Place for biggest Trout.



2013 Kokanee Power Almanor Tournament.
8th. place...”We had 8, 2 lb. fish, but that’s not going to win it at Almanor” said Neal.

Championships are tough to win at Almanor because there's such great competition from so many well schooled, savvy anglers. What Neal and Overstreet did by winning “Back to Back” is special.
Special because it's never been done before at this event, and may not happen again.

Watch for these guys next year, you just know their thinking “Three –Peat”.

Thanks Sep’s for creating the Strike Master dodger. The Strike Master has been the most productive dodger in my tackle box this Kokanee season. It helped me boat the 20 inch Kokanee at Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado, I’m holding my attached photos. Which is a master angler sized Kokanee according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Thanks again for your awesome products.

Thanks, Michael

I convinced my dad to come fishing with me and my sons. My dad was more of a toss and forget type fisherman. We set off for Shaver Lake on Sunday morning. We troll(flat lined) Sep's 4/0 dodgers about 100-125 feet behind our boat. The results speak for themselves. My dad limited out as did my youngest son and my oldest boated the large trout coming in at 19 1/4 in and just under 4 lbs.. It was a great day and many great memories made thanks to your dodgers.


Jan. 5, 2013

Proud to tell you last Saturday your sideplaners out fished all other rods, catching 80% of the 25 fish we caught at lake Don Pedro. They are a great tool and I have really liked their performance in various conditions. I like to keep them put together as putting them together out in the boat is tough in the cold weather. I made a hard box to keep them in for now that protects them. Now that I can replace the 5 that I have broke, I can now try using more than 2 at a time!! Can't wait!! I also use your dodgers, downrigger releases and many more of your Sep's products.

Mark Sublett

Sept. 14, 2012
(Courtesy of Doug Neal of Almanor Fishing Adventures)

Just a note that I have been using the new Sep's Silver /Strike Master Dodger  this season and yes with threaded crawler it is a killer!  I have caught a lot of very nice size trout and salmon. I was out today and caught three very nice rainbows on the STM myself, all 3 pound plus, I also like sep's 50-50 dodger that has worked well. So my hat is off  to the Sep's team for coming up with a big winner. See you on the lake fishing & wishing.

Little Hooker
Bob Brown

June 7, 2012

Quality Control at Sep's

Thank you for your generous gift of three new sets of flashers.  I think you went way beyond what was necessary as I was only alerting you to some flawed merchandise. I do find if very refreshing that a company would respond in such a positive manner and can only say good things about your business methods.  Having been in business for 30 years myself, I understand that customer service is how you build and hold your customer base.  You have done that with my friends and I.  As a side note, I counted 13 sets of flashers, 17 dodgers, 5 down rigger clips, and numerous other Seps products in my tackle assortment.  My friends are at least equal to me in numbers of Seps products and you can be assured that we will continue to do business with you.  Thanks again for going overboard (no pun intended) with your overly generous solution to my query.  It is much appreciated. 

Gil Bafus

May 13, 2012

Three trophy trout from Shaver Lake, Ca. Used a  4/0 - Gold/Chartruese Tire Trak UV and a UV Banana. There are no others that I will use, Sep's dodgers always put fish in the boat.


April 23, 2012

Thanks for supporting our NCKA Salmon slam. We are all raving about the micro mini flashers, one guy said  "where I can buy these things!" and "can't wait to use them". Many have and caught trout and kokes. I'm going to go deploy mine tomorrow at San Pablo Reservior. Never knew you guys were Local! Anyway, thanks again for your support at Bss2.

Tight Lines!!!!
Fishadow, Chad Coca

April 23, 2012

Just a short note about the Strike Master 50/50 copper/silver. I have used it the last three times at Berryessa and it has been very good in front of a pink hoochie. Used it again today and the results were very good. Thanks 

John  Eagleton

April 20, 2012

I want to personally thank you for your contribution of Sep’s tackle to our raffle.  This derby was the best turn out that we have had in the 6 years since it started.  I received nothing but positive feedback from all participants and they all look forward to next year’s derby.  Again I thank you very much, and I would not be able to make this derby what it is without your contributions.


Sam Perri
Deputy Probation Officer
Yolo County Probation Department

July 27, 2011

Greetings...Thank you for replacing our broken flashers and more. Your quick, generous customer care was out of this world!
Highest regards,
Jan and Dan Diehlman

Feb. 2, 2011

Hi Dana... It was really nice to talk with you again on Tuesday. I couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived. As usual, everything was in order. I really appreciate the quality of your products and excellent service you provide. I can't thank you enough for all the information and sample grubs. I'm itching to try them out on some Tahoe browns. Again, thank you and all my best wishes.
Jerry MacLure

Dana... Thank you very much!! You were so generous, as you did not have to do what you did. I just love your customer service!!! By the way, will you guys be at the Sacramento Sportsmen's Expo on Jan 21st? If so, I will see you there!
Thanks again!

April 4, 2011

Dear Seps... My compliments to your customer service dept.  I asked for parts that
I  lost over the side of my boat for the side planer on Friday, and I
received  them in the mail on Sat.  It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you very much.
Rich Stidham

August 11, 2010

Thanks.... I used the strike master this last weekend,  fishing in general was slow, lots of weeds.... but I did hook up 3 times with the strike master... So we know it works !!!!!! 
Ken Hoffman's Guide Service

August 11, 2010

To Dana...Good morning.  Went out this past Sunday, August 8th, to Diamond Valley Lake in Southern California.  They call this lake the "Jewel of Southern  California Lakes", because it's the newest and largest reservoir in our  region.  It's become one of the regions top fishing destinations for large  mouth bass, stripers, catfish and trout.  This years fishing has been a  difficult one at best, with fluctuating water levels and this summer's  strange temperatures.  After speaking with Dana from Seps Pro Fishing, she  mentioned something about the new Strike Master Dodger.  Since my fishing  has been somewhat questionable, I immediately said that I'd take some.

As soon as I get on the water, I'm trolling the Strike Master Dodger and a  Pro Scented Grub.  I noticed immediately as I'm testing the look of the  combination in the water, that this looks very appealing.  Shortly after, I  hook into a small large mouth bass.  A little later, I hook into a nice  size striper.  I was really impressed, but not surprised at how effective  these Strike Master's were.
I'm heading up to the High Sierra's later this summer.  But, I'm certainly  going to make sure that my order for more Strike Master's is in.  It's an  innovative product that definitely seems to have that extra magic that you  need when trolling.  Excellent product.

Best regards,
Barry A. Ogawa

June 30, 2010

Dana, Leo , Sep and the rest of the staff: I own and operate a small fishing guide business in the Bridgeport Calif. regional lakes area.  Although I have fished my entire life in that area and have always helped friends and family get on the fish, taking on paying clients was a big step. 

I met and began talking to Sep about five years ago and was impressed with his knowledge and his theme of ultra light trolling gear.  Up until then my terminal tackle for trolling was large and bulky to say the least.

Although fish were caught, my clients weren't experiencing the thrill of the fight.  After all, it's the thrill of hooking up and fighting the fish to the boat that's most memorable.

I began buying and using Seps ultra light products with great success. 
From the dodger and worms to the micro flashers, sidekicks, planer boards, downrigger release, lures and flies.  Slowly but surely I changed over 90 percent of my gear to Seps products.

I love being able to troll but some of our lakes experience algae growth during the mid summer months, which my old style terminal tackle seemed to attract like a magnet.  With Seps products I have a lot less to worry about.

While trolling the action of Seps products is very apparent and only when the action stops do I need to check the gear. All anyone needs to do to understand the system is to watch Seps video or read the book on trolling truths, then order some products and hit the water.

Using your products and system I have found great success and I have many repeat clients.

I also have to compliment the ease of ordering and your great customer service. I have never had an issue and I can say with certainty that every product I bought has hooked fish. Keep up the great work.

Ken Hoffman's Guide Service


Hello Sep's...Your products are amazing! Fish are attracted at first sight.  Between me and another buddy, we got 13 that day, biggest was a 7 lb. rainbow trout on Shadow Cliff Res. in CA. Love your products! Keep up the great work.
Your fan,
Matt Graham
Castro Valley, CA


I really appreciate you having replacement parts, thanks for sending them...The side planer really works - I catch fish using SEP'S Side planer!
Carl Elvick


Dana... Thank you very much!! I just love your customer service!!! By the way, will you guys be at the Sacramento Sportsmen's Expo on Jan 21st?  If so, I will see you there!
Thanks again!
Bill Hicks


Last weekend a friend and I were fishing a local lake in a tournment. We are members of a fishing club here in Salem, Oregon and we were having a trout tournment. A friend of mine from Brentwood had given me a package of the 2" pink grubs and had sworn by them. Well to make a long story short we won the tournment by using them. We out fished 30 other club members and won the derby: and $100.00. So I guess this is a testamonial.


Leo...Thanks so much for your help, I'll be trying them (side planers) in the lakes in the Truckee  & Crystal Basin area & I'll try and send some pictures also. I had the pleasure of meeting both of you at Fishermans Warehouse last year & was glad to see Sep had sold his company to someone who cares about their customers! Great folks making great gear!
Thanks again,


I have been wanting to send you a note for a while now to let you know  how delighted we are with your fishing products. I have a very good friend who just turned 83, 30 years my senior. We started fishing 2 years ago every Friday on a regular basis. Our favorite method of fishing is trolling. We first used Rapalas and needle fish with minimal success. I decided to do some research which lead me to your products. I bought your book on trolling then I purchased mini flashers, pro dodgers and grubs. Instant success! Our favorite is the 4/0 dodger with a grub or nightcrawler combo. We fish mainly the local lakes and primarily Los Vaqueros. Since last year we have been averaging 15-20 trout each trip, a couple of nice salmon including a 3 1/2 lb yesterday on a copper/orange uv dodger and nightcrawler. We have caught limits of fish when no one else was doing anything at all. The general manager of Los Vaqueros has said that many days the two of us have caught more fish then everyone else combined! Los Vaqueros marina does have a great selection of your products as well.  I have also made some fun videos using the dodgers with live fishing action included. If you would like to see them I can send you a link.  They are not professional quality but are pretty fun and informative.

Video 1 , Video 2  ,Video 3

Thanks again,
Todd Brusco


SEPS...Thank you for the quality fishing equipment. My favorite is the SEPS 3/0 chrome dodger or chrome w/green bead flashers- Flouro leader and a fresh Nightcrawler. Attached is a 23" Rainbow I caught using the flasher/NC combo in 40 ft of water trolling at Diamond Valley Resovoir on OCT08 before they closed to private boats. Thanks again for the great products.
GdHkSet- FNN Member
Hemet CA


First one is a seven-pound Tahoe wild rainbow, caught on the watermelon sidekick and a live minnow. Next is a nice eleven-pound mackinaw caught on Tahoe on the silver/prism Seps Pro dodger, minnow, and a gob of roe. Then we have a gorgeous pair of Tahoe brownies, 5 and 7.5 pounds, caught just a few minutes apart. One came on the outside rod with your small Colorado blades and a minnow, and the other hit the inside rod on the silver/prism Pro dodger and minnow.

Finally, the little cutie is my daughter Arielle at Upper Blue Lake in Alpine County, with a 21 inch  Lahontan cutthroat caught on the watermelon Seps Pro Sidekick with a nightcrawler. All these fish were caught on the topline, no additional weight. Not a lot of people I talk to seem to know about long-line precision structure trolling with your lures, but I have to tell you it's just deadly for me.

Mark Wiza 3/2009


Wow!! You really stand behind your product!! That is so rare in this day and age. I'll be buying your products in the future!!!!
Bill Hicks


To me, Sep's represent the ultimate in ultralight trolling. I will make good use of your products your name will be recommended at every opportunity.
Chuck Gormley


The fishing tackle items that you sent for the Danielle Bailey Memorial Fundraiser were awesome..We thank you very much..
Steve Bailey


Attached is a picture of my husband, Perry, on Del Valle Lake in Livermore, CA.  We caught this rainbow using our new Seps side planer, (purchased at the Sportsman's Expo in San Mateo) w/flashers with a grub behind.  As you can see, it works great!

Fished 11/22-11/25 near Troxel Point and Bucks Bay.  Lots of 3lb-3.5 lb fish.  A few 4 lbers and (1) 5 lber.  2 inch Orange Seps grubs with Sep's bead swivel down 2-4 feet on the downrigger.  Water temp was 40-42 degrees.  Speed: 1.5 mph.
J. Montana


Leo...This is a photo of a 6.25 rainbow taken at South Lake above Bishop Ca. on a Sep's olive/black trolling fly. Thanks Sep for your Book and tackle we never could have done it with out you. The photo is of my three sons, the oldest Terrance is the one who actually hooked and landed it. If you look at his shirt pocket you'll see the fly. (click on photo for larger view)
Paul Field


"Thanks again for all your tremendous support!  Seps Pro Fishing products are the best trolling products on the market.  Period."
Best regards,
Barry A. Ogawa
Diamond Valley Lake


"On the weekend of Oct 4 and 5 I attended and helped teach a trolling class at Diamond Valley Lake. I received some of your  SEP'S scented grubs. This past weekend I decided to finally pin one on and give it a try. We caught the heck out of the fish. We were catching them on the 2 inch Watermelon.
These are really hot and I love the way they last longer than a night crawler but produce the same way. I was fishing them behind a willowleaf micro-mini flasher, I did notice that a shorter than usual leader  worked best. I was using a 12 inch leader. I am looking forward to trying the brown spec and the green frog 2" grubs. I have really enjoyed using your products they are top of the line."
Pete Wynn
Hemet Ca


"I just had to drop you a quick note and say thanks. After picking up your book Trolling Truths and reading through it a few times. It helped me in getting my boat all dialed and once out on the water knowing what to look for, setting up the rods and using my downriggers for the first time it was almost like second nature like I really  knew what I was doing. The funny thing about it was, I did know what I was doing. So this morning my daughter started off her Spring Break from school she's 9.  And said she wanted to go and try fishing for her first time, I've tried getting her to go out with me before but she wouldn't do it. All my studying and getting my boat in order was with the San Pablo Res. in mind. So I start thinking it's her first time fishing and mine with downriggers. Lets play it safe and do a dry run first at Contra Loma before hitting the big water at San Pablo, and we're just down the road from Contra Loma anyway. We get there and see fish at levels on the fish finder so I've got her running shallow with a small blue/silver Rapala minnow off one of your mini flasher rigs and I'm running deeper with a night crawler off one of your Pro Flasher rigs. And we've only been at it 20 - 30 min. I get a hit on the crawler, yes light tackle's the only way to go I pull in a 10.5 lb trout it's the biggest trout I've ever seen, my daughter's going nuts. I tell her to get me the net and she's dad we need a new net, I'm why what happened to it, and she's nothing I don't think the fish is going to fit in the net, it did but it was real tight fit. We had a good laugh about it, once we got the fish in the boat. After that we were happy and ready to go home, we had more than enough fish and we're trolling her line back to the dock when she gets a hit on her line. She caught her first fish a nice 1.5 lb crappie. This was one of the shortest fishing trips I've ever had and if not one of the best ones I ever had. I think she's hooked and I've got a new fishing partner for life.  And who knows if there are any more days like today at Contra Loma I may never make it to the San Pablo Res.  One of the best how to books I've ever read and I've read a few."
Thanks Again
David O'Neal



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